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I Don't Have Daughters

I am glad that I don't have a daughter
If it's another female like my ex, I don't want her,
I don't want another whining, complaining female
Who can make a happy soul feel like going to hell.
I have had two step-daughters once in my past
But, of course (with a happy sigh) that didn't last,
All that they did was to hate, lie and complain
Plus they were vindictive, jealous, greedy and vain.
If pain could be numbered to the myriad
It could never equal to the moods of a female having her period,
I would hate to be the man to help raise a girl to a woman
Knowing that someday their purpose is to destroy a human.
Some men call their daughters, daddy's little girl
I wonder who came up with that lying, conniving little pearl,
But, of course if their father is a crazy, cursing, grieving nut
Then that phrase quoted, is totally truthful and accurate.
Girls will call each other derogatory insulting names
As though hurting and belittling females are only mere games,
Girls worry about boys, clothes, vengeance and proms
Sadly all daughters later transform into their moms.
I remember the days when I was tired and I could not sleep
Because of a mother and daughters who wanted to fight and then weep;
In my house no longer do I need earplugs or a gun
I am so happy that I have no daughters, but only a son.

Randy L. McClave

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One can't understand what's it like to be a woman we put up with a lot guys are a pain daughter's are a blessing from God