I Don’t Know

I don’t know
What do I do?
I’m totally clueless,
I don’t know anything
I can’t seem to figure out how my life turn out the way it is
Things completely went upside down in just days
And yet, I don’t see where I went wrong
Maybe it’s just because I’m just not meant to have a good life
Maybe, I’m suppose to suffer a lot in order to survive
‘Cause in the condition I am now,
There’s no other way to explain this
I don’t know
Should I just kill myself and be done with this life?

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whatever you going through.. as your friend, i should tell you, im here for ya. but you seem closed off from me.. maybe its because we didnt talk for a while.. and we got busy lives, but no matter what.. please dont kill yourself. im here for you, and you know that. when your ready to tell me.. or is willing enough to open up to me like before, im here to welcome you. and help you through all the tough times. i love you, and take care of yourself. dont give up just yet. you have so much to live for. -Justin oh.. and well writen. nice job!