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I Don'T Know
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I Don'T Know

I don't know what to say.
Cuz I don't know how I feel.
I thought that what we had,
Well I thought that it was real.
I don't know where I lost you
Or what I had done wrong.
I just know I turned around.
And the next day you were gone.
My life is filled with sacrifices.
More than many would have made.
I took a chance to be with you
And for that chance I've paid.
Now I'm slipping ever deeper
Into a dark abyss.
The confusion overwhelms me.
Did 'We' truely ever exist?
My minds been constantly racing
Ever since you went away.
'Will she come back to me?
Should I go or should I stay? '
I've thought about those questions
A million times and more.
And every time I get the answer
'Keep and eye upon your door.'
As you can see I'm holding hope
Dwindling as it may be.
But its still there and thats the point.
That once again it might be 'we'.
The good times we had together
Far outweigh the bad.
But we rarely even talk anymore
So this writings the chance I never had.
You cut me down and broke my heart
And smashed it right in two.
I hope these words pierce into your heart
Because I will always love you.

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Maybe she will come back Maybe she won't Always love her anyway It is a blessing to have such strong feelings for anyone at any point in life