I Don'T Know

Poem By Caitlin Johnson

I don't know what love is.......
But I think I found it
I'm not for sure cuz we have
seperated so much I don't know if you love me so
When we first went out I didn't think it would last at all
then you dump me so I guess I was right, but then You ask me out again
but I don't know why, then I broke up with You cuz I didn't think you really loved me, but I ask You out and you said I will think about it and in 2 weeks you told me yes. Ever since then I still don't think you really love
me even though You purpose to me and we have been going out for 9 months. I still think I don't know what love is but sadly I wish I did.

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Threw out the days of my life there was million pieces of my heart out there
in the world & along those days of my life I've found some pieces but I've finally
found that million piece & its the piece of love & william clary has that piece....
I hope he uses it wisely & doesn't lose it......because I love him & I really hope

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