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I Don'T Know
(January 29,1985 / Kuala Lumpur)

I Don'T Know

I don’t know how to feel
When my senses are melting down.
Or how to react,
When my defenses are coming down.

I don’t know where to run to
When I’m running out of reasons to hold on to.
I don’t know the way to confide
When there’s no one I could share my heads with,
Or channels to center my emotions in.

Where are the hopes,
I used to cling myself to?
Where are the people,
Who used to pretend to be there?

Where are the stars, the logics, the someone?
To see the decent truth that lies in my humble words…

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Comments (2)

You and me are on the same side my friend....no one seems to understand... Keep writing more soulful poems like this...
Anies I loved that.. maybe because I can relate to this so much.. Excellent poem! HBH