I Don'T Know

i don't know
what your thinking
i don't know
what your going through
all i know
is that i don't matter any more.
at least
that's what i think.
i have gone down in importance,
and i don't know why
i don't know
what i did wrong
or when.

i did a little hunting around
and came to this conclusion,
shes back in,
and i was kicked out
you got tired of me
and didn't follow
what you said you would do
i don't know what happened
but it was over
before it even began.

confusion on my end
who knows on yours
so much happened
so fast
but i don't know
ow when exactly
everything took place.
i would try to talk
but you shot me down
as little contact as possible.
like your trying to get rid of me

i got the hint.
left you alone.
that's what you wanted
isn't it?
and it hurt.
i dont know
how you did this
to me
or why.

i gave it my all
i got connected
with both mind
and heart.
but i guess that wasn't enough
my hurt heart
Innocent mind
and pure eyes of love
wasn't enough.
Every thought i had
every dream i witnessed
every word i spoke
and every breath i took
in memorace of you
was worthless
and a waist in your eyes,
that's what you now
have me thinking.

you don't have me wishing
that we were together
you have me wishing
that none of this happened
that everything was still how it was
during break.
you have me then wonder
would it be better
if we never talked in the first place?
i don't know
what your thinking
because of you
i don't know
a whole lot anymore.

by Tessa Monaghan

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i know girly maybe it will work out or maybe its for the best maybe there is some one out there that is better for you then he was....really good job it flowed perfectly.