I Don'T Know

Dear God,
If you are real,
i broke something of yours
i need it healed.

Dear Lord,
If you are there
I am sorry i let you down
i really do care.

Dear Father
if you are here
I messed up im sorry
i was not in control of my fear.

Dear Jesus
Im sorry for letting you down
I feel so lost
and never can found.

I cant go on anymore with this charade
dear God if your real take the Damn pain away
take away the hurt
take away the fears
take away the love
take away the tears
take every emotion i have ever felt inside
burn them at the cross
so that i may die.

I am a hollow being wandering aimlessly in this meaningless world
what happened to the girl you used to know
now i am lost, never to be found
because once you eat from the tree of knowledge
The music of your soul replaces its melodic sound.

Dear Jesus If you are real
I have something that once belonged to you
that needs to be healed.
It used to be your home,
it used to be your place
im sorry i kicked you out
it was a slap in your face

I dont know anymore,
I dont know who i have become
I cant look at myself anymore
empty as a steel drum.

No pain, no fear, no love, no hate
cold as the world
Im hers for the take.
now just a wanderer
blatantly aware
swimming the sea of lost hope
with no one in the world to care.

by Bee Lovett

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