I Don'T Know What It Was...

Poem By Jyoti Joseph

There was happiness all around,
But I was feeling blue,
There was sunshine all around,
But I felt the sky crying tears although few.

The party was on its heights,
still I was alone and sad,
All were laughing merrily and in joy,
still I felt nothing is good and all is bad.

All gossiped and discussed many issues,
I was quite and lost in thoughts,
All found difference in my behavior,
I was not in the room and wandering sorts.

I don't know what was happening to me,
i wasn't able to smile and just wanted to flee,
I am sorry dear friend I must be different,
i just wanted to spend time with me just being me...

I don't know what it was...
but it was quite different

Comments about I Don'T Know What It Was...

dispassion....best time to self inquire...see how mind works... life is a journey from mind to 'no mind'! ! !
Sometimes in a crowded room we can stil feel so alone Jyoti...and yes it does feel differant.....10

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