The Nightmare That Set Me Free

There once was a dream I was fooled into thinking was reality

Because in that dream
You and me was something I wanted
But knew could never be

In that dream you stole my heart
And part of my sanity
In that dream my common sense
Ran away from me

In that dream you captivated me
In that dream I was blinded
And the stars in your eyes
Were the only things I could see

But then that dream morphed into a nightmare
And I saw you for what you really were

I realized in that nightmare
I was nothing but the prey you were trying lure

In that nightmare I realized
This was nothing but a game to you

In that nightmare you had come oh so close to trapping me too

But I tossed and turned until I was freed
And when I opened my eyes from that nightmare
That I foolishly wanted to be you and me
I was the one who learned a lesson

That the sweetest of dreams
Can be nightmares in diguise
And because of that lesson I was set free
Never again to believe all those blinding lies

by Tiger Lily Love

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