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I Don’t Know Where Our Faith Was Lost
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

I Don’t Know Where Our Faith Was Lost

Poem By David Lacey

I don’t know where our faith was lost,
Be it white sands or porcelain desert frost.

An eternity awaits our
Happiness in leaps and bounds.
As the future lies unfounded
Our heads upon the ground

Can you help me now?
When I don’t know if I need any help at all.

Whisper softly in the night,
No regrets, forget your way to blue as
The alarm sounds,
As unheard of daemons stalk this land of nightmares.

Would you walk the path of freedom, or sell your soul to conform

It lies within the palm of your hand
The wisdom, the knowledge that you seek.

Come a little closer now, close your eyes,
let your consciousness go, flow with the music.
why must we taint the day in sombre tides,
In floods of tears the senses flare,
Tiptoe in the shadows, seeking solace,
Running from the sun.

Where will it end?

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I thoroughly enjoyed that David. Thank you. You haven't filled a gap in our lives but at least we're not alone.