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I Don'T Know Why
CS (4/21/90 / USA)

I Don'T Know Why

Poem By Cynthia Sok

I don't know why
but i always find myself in the dark
I just don't know why

here I sit
sadly thinking everyone is lucky
because here I am
I lost everything especially my confidence

I have no confidence to fight back
or else I'lI shatter to pieces

I try my best to block the negatives
but my shield is too weak

I try my best to let the positive in
but yet I sometimes can't accept

confidence is what I lack
its what I need
but somehow
it disappears easily as it came

I don't know why
but I can never pull myself out of the dark
I have lived there all my life
but somehow I don't know why
I just dun't have the confidence to pull myself up

- 3/12/06

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