GTP (December 1988 / Born in California but my 'Homeland' will always be Missouri)

I Don’t Like Her, But Can’t Help To Love Her

My sister is someone who I cannot comprehend
Never in my wildest dreams could I ever call her “Friend”
I can easily say we do not get along
She argues, she fights, she hates to be wrong
There’s not much I can say about this relation to me
Other than of her presence I wish to be set free
But if she would go away, I admit I would miss her
What can I say? After all, she is my sister
There’s nothing I can do! I will always be her brother
No matter how much I deny it, there is still no other
Even though she is behind the worst times ever had
All in all, my sister isn’t that bad
Admitting this to myself, somewhat gives me joy
But still I wonder, “What if she’d been a boy? ”

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Again, a very good write. Your subjects are so well chosen. Adeline
Excellent poem! It brought a big: -)) to my face. Blood is thicker than water, plus you can pick your friends, but family is family.
this was great! ! it reminded me of my sisters...and how much of a pain they are. lol. but all in all family is there for it all. great job
I really like your style of writing. This poem is good.
yeah.........wish my brother felt like that for me
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