I Don't Listen!

I am going to smoke fags till I get cancer
Then wait till scientists find a cure or answer
Drink beer and spirits till my liver gives out
Then moan about waiting lists and shout
Eat bacon fried eggs and sausages till my arteries clog
Then want a bypass and try to give the female surgeon a snog
Sleep with as many women as I can
When I am asked why I say cause I am a man
Take drugs and sell the remains to mugs
When they can't pay I send in the thugs
Drive my car like a boy racer
If women overtake me I chase her

People ask me why?
Then I start to cry
Cause I am unhappy and its no lie
But I think I know best
People's advice is just a pest.
But deep down I wish I'd listened

by Daniel Hooks

Comments (2)

Your comment on breakdown as breakthrough. Mine came when I was 23 yrs. old My breakthrough was finding the reason for a lifetime of emotions. I was always feeling, never knowing why? Nobody could tell me anything, I thought they were all fools. But now i see now, I was the fool! and not so wise
last line makes it doesnt it?