SQ (19/02/95 / San Fernendo)

I Don'T Love You

The pain was unbearable,
The feelings were unbelievable,
The blood was red and wet,
The tears were mixed with sweat,

You drove a dagger into my heart when you said you didn’t love me,
Now this is just my imagination but it describes the situation,

The words left your lips and pierced through my chest,
My body numb as blood gushed on my vest,
I tried to run away from you but the pain was too intense,
Deeply hurt by your words, weak was my defense,
I tried to stand but stumbled and fell flat on the ground,
But I love you I mumbled and you were startled by the sound,
You looked into my eyes and said I don’t believe your lies,

You slapped me in my face,
My heart began to race,
You tore my heart in two,
I shed bloody tears for you,
The pain was driving me insane,
And just then it began to rain,
My blood washed down the drain,
And so did my dignity,
I’ll never love again,
You’ll be my only true lover until the end.

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Addendum: a painful but factual write-up Regards Dear Poet dr. sakti 08.07.09. India
wow, a truely heart felt poem
Dear Poet, Nice write up... Like a fresh air in stuffy room... a 10 Regards dr. sakti 08.07.09. India