I Don'T Miss You

I don’t miss a thing about you
I don’t miss the way you cared
I don’t miss the times we shared
I don’t miss your beautiful face
I don’t miss your warm embrace

I don’t miss holding your hand
I don’t miss just being your man
I don’t miss the sound of your voice
Or even knowing, I was your first choice

I don’t miss your caring and compassion
How every night was filled with such passion
I don’t miss the smell of your hair
Or how you just knew when I needed you there

I don’t miss how the sun made your hair shine
Or knowing that you’d only ever been mine
I don’t miss the trust that we shared
Or how we both knew the depth of our care

I don’t miss the touch of your skin
I just don’t feel the sadness within
No, I’m no insensitive and no, I’m not bad
It’s just that a man can’t miss what he’s never had.

by Somebody Insignificant

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Comments (3)

Loss of fascination in once blissful relationship, nicely brought forth with conviction. An insightful portrayal of the whimsical and temperamental nature of love. Thanks for sharing.
The feeling of deep loneliness is vividly expressed in every line..in every word....lovely poem...to my poem list and 10+++++++++
nice angst filled poem well done