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I Don't Need A Gun

I don't need a gun
All I need is my forefinger and my thumb,
Imaginary bad guys I can shoot in the head
"Bang, Bang! " they are now dead;
It is a game that I played for fun.

A gun then made a loved one gone
When he took his life on his own front lawn,
My thumb and my forefinger then covered my face
I cried in both sadness and disgrace;
In America do I really need one.

I don't ever want to kill anyone
I don't want to take away anyone's dawn,
We all are from the same family of men
To kill and to murder is a cowardly sin;
I don't need a gun.

Randy L. McClave

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Very well-written, Randy. No, we don't need guns in the hands of madmen, to br senselessly misused and abused. But as the waters become murkier concerning this whole issue, confusion begins to creep in. What about your wife and family? If a bad guy threatened them with harm, would you as the man stand by and leave them unprotected? And what about our police and military having to defend and protect us from enemies? Should they be disarmed, too? I believe that a man should be allowed to protect his family, and that the police and the military should be allowed to do their jobs. But beyond that, I don't think we have the right to take another's life. But if these madmen continue their rampages, something may have to be done so that the good guys have some degree of protection. Very complicated, complex issue. Why does it always seem that the guns are in the hands of the criminals instead of the law-abiding citizens who would never misuse them?