I Don'T Quite Get It

Poem By Rudy Hossam

It'd been a while,
Since we last talked.
So long they seemed,
Though few they were.

I still remember his last words,
Those which promised to meet.
Weirdly we met,
But for the last time,
It was that night.

He was there sitting,
Right next to me.
He turned his face,
Avoiding my eyes,
As if scared they would betray him.

We sat that night together,
With on word said.
I left after the long silence,
With no promise to meet again.

I gave a word to myself,
That no matter what that meant,
I won't cry not one little bit.
The next day I read the message,
I feared he would send,
'It's Not About You, Just I'm Not Ready Yet...'

For the first time,
I broke the word I took with myself,
But really I'd no choice.

I forced my tears back in,
But all in vain they only kept running down,
Like a lunatic I cried.
I don't really know why,
It's not like I didn't expect it someday.

-I'd wait for you...
-I don't want to stop you from living...
Did he forget?
I said before 'If I'm not with you then I'm not living'
Maybe it's not about not being ready,
Maybe he just doesn't want me around anymore,
I don't quite get it...

Comments about I Don'T Quite Get It

True v deep emotion that touches the hearts
A very vivid depiction of deep emotions...well done Rudy.
very beautiful words i like it...... thanks
never ever lose your will to get someone you love, friend.. well penned poem..
Good! And clear concepts.... But dn't lose hope in love dear!

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