I Don'T Sit With Expectations

Nothing that I have given to give,
Do I regard in the giving...
As something I still own.
If I have it to give,
Why should I announce it to be known?

When I give that's it.
I don't sit with expectations,
Believing I'm deserving of a return favor or gift.
I'm not one to sit premeditating what it is I give.
Or a value placed on that which is received to take.

It would be nice if I am respected.
But I admit there is a bit of selfishness connected.
I know that God will bless me more...
If I give just to give and not think what it is for!
I don't need my back patted to have my ego explored.

And My Father doesn't tease when He pleases me.
I receive to do a giving and in that doing is my need!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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