I Don'T Think It's Punch

Many have been so unfortunately deceived,
It's too incredible to believe they have not a clue...
As to which lies told to them to follow.

And those unrelenting to let go of truth,
Have decided to await for time to diffuse the issues.
With the hope what is revealed,
Will begin to mend and re-unite those brushed aside.

So many have begun slitting their throats,
Just to protect a false sense of pride.
Denying any presence of reality that pains them inside.
And why?

'Good question,
But look.
They have so much punch at their parties,
Buckets of it they pour in the backyard.'

Don't think it's punch.
Too many have distanced themselves from reality.
Believing to see someone else's blood flow,
Will solve all their problems.

'Why do you say that?
Because they are not into punch? '

I guess you're right.
It makes little sense,
To attempt reversing a mind that has lost a touch,
With whatever it was that periodically visited reality.

'The noise coming from over there is so loud,
One would think that bone chilling screaming...
Would convince those hearing it,
They are not actually inside having a great time.'

You can not be serious.
I think we are witnesses to a crime.
A big one.

'Me too.
All that punch being thrown away.
And we weren't even invited.
I wonder what flavor it is? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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