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An Emerald Gem In The Ocean

Peering from the stateroom of Zuiderdam, out over the briny sea
There before, a small island, lush green foliage length and breadth
An emerald gem nestling, oh so quietly, without fuss or glare
While soft waves rippled and broke upon the gold sandy shore
The waters surround, turquoise and tranquil as befits a hidden cove
Calm and clear, the transparent shallows unable to hide its sandy secrets
The horizon beyond this emerald isle of Half Moon Cay was easily seen
A darker green denoting there, a deep depth and expanse of sea
In reality, this idyllic location of man-made fun, pleasure and brew
Yields the emerald gem in the ocean but an oasis for an hour or two

Written on cruise on The Zuiderdam visiting Half Moon Cay -
16th January 2017.

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Loved the three poems I have read. This was the first. I'm 73 years old and they made me want to read poetry again
LOL, it's f'ing funny man. :)