AR (3-2-1945 / California)

I Don’t Want To Go There

Woke up to an orange sky
Dappled in purple grey clouds
A curtain of night is peeled away
Erasing a constant nightmare
But I don’t want to go there

We could have had it all
It was within our grasp
But we went to a place that time forgot
We couldn’t just let it die
But I don’t want to go there

Words were spit out like fire
Ecstasy clinging to the fringes of desire
I couldn’t tell if your heart was misbehaving
The wind whispered a scent of cold rain
But I don’t want to go there

The ground was tossed with a brittle blanket of frost
Low spots filled with slippery ice
My breath spoke in puffs of fog
A shiver skips down my spine
But I don’t want to go there

We fell from the hands of grace
Weaving dreams no one else could
The taste of honey dripped from our lips
But desire spoke volumes to a deaf ear
So now you know I’ve been there

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