I Don’t Want To Think About It

Poem By Adam Rubenstein

I don’t want to think about it,
But you’re all that I see.

I don’t want to hurt anymore
But you’re all that I need.

Why don’t you love me anymore?
Why isn’t it me that sets you free?

What is it I have done?
To make you turn and run,
And never look back to me?

I know you think of me,
It is plan to see
But you wont give in,
You won’t let it be
You won’t come back to me

So what is it I did
And why won’t it be?
Return to the happiness you once lived in with me.
Can’t you see; you’re like water for my soul when it gets thirsty.

Copyright © Adam Rubenstein February 2007

Comments about I Don’t Want To Think About It

Hi Adam. You write of how you feel. I hope you find your happiness. JoAnn

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