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I Don'T Want Your Hand
JH ( / Brisbane)

I Don'T Want Your Hand

Don't ask me if I'm OK
I'm trying to push you away
Please, just dropp it, and go
If I needed someone, I'd let you know

Don't ask me if I'm alright
I'm trying to end this fight
Please, just leave me alone
I need to do this on my own

Don't ask me why I'm crying
Or why I feel like dying
Please, just leave me here
The end, it seems so near

Don't ask me why I'm like this
As I clench my hand to a fist
And as you look you see
The blood dropp from my wrists

Don't ask me to get help
And don't ask me to talk to you
I don't need anyone anymore
Whether you see it or not, it's true.

Don't ask me what you can do
There's nothing that you can
No, I don't need to talk
And no, I don't want you to hold my hand

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Langston Hughes


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Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. Your words are like magic because when I read them you place me under your spell