MW (September 14 / Dallas)

I Dont Love Anyone

Who's that staring in the mirror, A blank empty face in the dark
I feel it in my skin, a killer-a monster waiting to emerge
Who's that sinking in my eyes-it's vision blurs my eyes into red
She talks but nothing ever comes out-a language of tongues never known
Who's that waiting in my bedside, she feels like heavy ice in my arms
She kills me in my sleep and wakes inside me, and no one ever really knows
No one ever really knows
She smiles in a fake inviting grimace, she'll taunt you if you don't follow through
Follow into my darkened thoughts-i'll make you believe you're a king
You like when I suck it, when I play you up-
‘You're everything I've ever wanted'-
I feed you every lie you desire-
I'll feed you all my pride if you ask
Who's that laying by your side?
I don't remember your name or your face
You wonder if I love like I said I did.
But I could never love anyone
I could never love anyone
I don't love anyone.

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Sounded strong and convincing. Thanks for sharing with me all the same. I wish you find time and read through my poems