I Dont Love You Anymore

Poem By Panda Eyes

Oh baby I dont love you anymore
And I never did
I tried and I tried
Oh I tried my very best
If there was a grade for trying
Then I would have most definitely achieved an A
And I’m so very sorry
That I have to break your heart like this
But I have been taught
That lies are sinful
And it is a sin to keep lying to you
My words have become meaningless
Especially those three words
Because you can see the lies
And hear them in my voice
Even though you try to convince yourself
That everything’s okay
And I’m crying because
I feel like a murderer
I want to love you
But its a rape of the mind
A violation of the highest order
And I’m so tired of pretending
That I love you
When we both know I dont
And I can sense your anger
Its a constant battle
Between me and you
You try to cover it up
Acting like everything’s perfect
To keep everyone happy
But we have become partners
In this miserable contract
Going back and forth
I have become an actress
My life is the play and
You’re my audience
Watching my every move
But every now and then
I forget my lines
And I think its time
To exit the stage.

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