A Beautiful Flower Rose

Rose is a beautiful flower,
Having a lot of fragrance
Growing among the deadly thorns,
It has never lost its beauty.

Being under the care of sun,
Getting the power from the sun,
It never fades but glows brightly.
Becoming itself a good present to the sweet-heart.

Keeping the negative energy away,
Bringing a positive attitude towards us,
What else do we need from it?
It just offers a good love to us.

Offering rose at the feet of God,
Rose itself feels proud of performing,
Its duty for the sake of Lord,
Taking the last breath from this world
Gives it a nice farewell.


by Pushkar Bisht

Comments (2)

hey arti... i can relate to this poem of yours.. i guess most of us have a problem differentiating between faith n rituals... if one doesnt follow da superficial rituals of a religion, it is smhow assumed that he/she is not a believer! ! nice write  regards asma…
Yes, you are absolutely right! you know i read 3 of your poems back to back and I'm loving them: D Preets