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I Dont Understand.
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

I Dont Understand.

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

Ive tried to find the answers,
But the question's hard to say,
Why am i so miserable,
When i never wanted you to stay?
Why am i still aching,
For what we used to be,
When at the time i never knew,
Just how much you meant to me?
I seems terribly silly,
What is there left to do?
I took our love for granted,
Now someone else is loving you.
I doubt that this is jealousy,
But what else could it be?
I cant believe im dreaming,
That you are comming back to me!

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Comments (2)

you never realise what you have until you lose it
i've felt this exact same way before, I feel you!