I Dont Want To Die.....Ever

dont hide, dont cry, im here with you today im not gonna let you go im will not fade away. i wish i wouldnt have to go through all this shit today i want to stay here in a way. i wont give up my life so fast i love you way to much so if i go any time soon just think of my touch. you dont have to cry for me you'll never understand how hard it is to find out your gonna lose your freind i do not think you realize how much i truely love you but as long as your here let me just tell you. id use my last bit of strength i have just to touch you hand id use my last breath just because i can id take any weapon on just to keep you safe i have no idea why i must tell you this way i'd never say im sorry for anything ive done thats just because i woudnt have a reason not one.i just simply cant let go i hold you very dear if i stay will you always be here i never want to miss you and live my life in death i really want to grow old that would be the best.if god can grnat me just one wish in the world id ask him if i could forever be your one and only girl. i love the way you look at me i like to see your smile i could never ever ever think of you being the one who died but just one more thing to say before i disapear is your my one and only thing that keeps me here.

by nalla settlemire

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