Bright Sparks

The static
off of her

mohair jacket
is shocking

& now
that this has been

whipped off & tossed aside

revealing her
in her barest

...even more shocking

She looks like
the Venus de Milo
...with arms.

I almost can’t bear it
& can only grin

as her mini
hits the floor

with a klunk
from the heavy big belt buckle.

She is now
the full Monty Aphrodite!

But then she announces
like a stage magician

her next

“I think I’ll go...& slip
into something a little more comfortable! ”

I am more than comfortable
with the nothing

she has on.

She re-enters the scene
dressed in only a baby doll
(circa 1970)
sheer nylon nightie.

I reach out
in disbelief

as sparks fly
yet again.

She now more
electric than

Finally she dispenses
(“I seen one in a 1970’d Porno movie
& just had to have one! ”)
with the dreaded thing

until at long last
we are skin to skin
(sin to sin)

either only

one another.

by Dónall Dempsey

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