I Dream A Dream Of Sorrow

I sit in my mind and there I wait,
For the dreams that come and go I hate.
All they bring me is sorrow that fills up my soul,
And I lose all the hope that was left in my mold.

All the pain that I see in my dreams can't be real.
Yet they stay in my mind every day that I'm here.
I'm entrapped in a war that will never be won,
And I'm struggling to breath through the smoke
that's beyond.
Every second I'm there I hear so many screams.
Every second I'm there I wish blindness I'd see.

Through the darkness there's pain, and all I see
are the tides, that I find are still flowing from my
tormented eyes.
As I lie on this bed I peer down at my hands.
All I feel is the warmth of the blood running down.

My eyes open up as the pain becomes real.
And I look at the chains running through my own core.
They're attached to a wall as I lift up my arms.
A wall with the bones of a thousand lost souls.

I pull on the chains with the strength I have left.
But I buckle and fall as the blood runs as stone.
I gather my thoughts and I push through the pain.
I pull on the chains and they rip from the bones.
But my mind still witholds me and keeps me

With this dream still repeating and never retreating,
My heart longs for the beating of the life that's still ceasing.
I'll awake from my dream, but it never will leave me.
My mind keeps it still, til I enter its reign, and it ends
just the same with no ending to tell.

All the sorrow it brings just comes back to me there, and I
search for the blindness I'd longed for once more.
But again I'm awake and there I wait, for the dreams that
come and go I hate.
And I struggle to breath through the smoke that's beyond,
and my ears are still prey to the screams that are there.

All I want is a dream that will end all my pain.
But my tormented eyes, and the tides that do fall, will remain
what they are and my life will just wait.
There's no winning the game.
There's no fighting the dreams.
All I have is the time... before my mind takes me whole.

These dreams are like hours, they come and they go, but
they never can leave me.
They only keep me controlled.
I wish I could burn them, or sear their own flesh, but the smoke
that's beyond fills my mind till it breaks.
I've lost all my hope of these dreams and their dying.
All I think of is dreams and the time I spend waiting... for
the dreams of despair my mind waits to reshow me.

The image that I long for now shows stars of distant seas.
Their lands shine bright upon my mold and block the dreams
I dream untold.
But here I sit with dreams I hate, and weep with tears and
blood that sears.
I hate my mind for now I'm home.
It's taken hold.
I'll die alone, in a mind of dreams unsouled.

by Samantha Williams

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