I Dream Of A Perfect School

I dream of much,
For my child,
They should be trained,
And not run wild.

They should learn French,
And Arabic too,
They should learn English,
It’s long overdue.

They should learn karate,
And self-defense,
Gymnastics, Soccer,
Not sit on a bench.

They should learn Art,
To sing and perform,
They should learn drama,
For this is the norm.

They should be taught,
A hobby or two,
Cooking, sewing,
Or how to cure flu.

They should learn Science,
An –ology or two,
Geology, Radiology,
Yes, any will do.

They should be taught,
All this and much more,
They should not simply,
Stare at the floor.

When asked the square root,
Of four sixty three,
Their heads should be high,
At the ripe age of three.

Rocket Science,
Math and Astronomy,
The state of the world,
It’s economy.

And, by SK,
They should know all this,
If it’s not done,
Something is amiss.

After all, am I,
Not doing my part?
I’m sending them daily,
Surely that’s a good start?

I dream of so much,
For my little one,
Now Principal, can you tell me,
When will it be done?

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (2)

We've all got high hopes for our children and their future... I would like to think that's all part of good parenting. It's certainly good writting, Aisha! Brian
I see the overstressed kids of today via this poem.. i rememeber when i was young..which was not too long ago, parents weren't so fussy about classes be it for studies, hobbies etyc..they let their kids be! But today its changed every kid is stressed out thanks to over ambitious parents! Aisha...don't you think parents should stop dreaming too much for their kids and just let then be?