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I Dream Of Horses
(March 28,1987 / )

I Dream Of Horses

There is a dream
Of rushing wind
And riding o’er
The growing green

There is a hope
That rises in the heart
Of flowing manes
And pounding hooves

There is an idea
Of roaming the plain
Just you and your horse
Free and wild

There is a story
Of horses and glory…
But now I am awake
And the dream is gone

There is a dream
That I wake up from
That I long to return to
And fly again

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Comments (5)

Those peoms were beautiful and very thoughtful xxx
Beautiful aspiration of freedom! !
Keep dreaming Ivy, A large part of our lives are spent in dreams, lets make the most of them.Love Duncan
Such a 'galloping' spirited work. A nice write, Ivy. LSP
This is quite good. Very visual and detailed. I like it. Shannon xoxo