I Dream Of You

Once upon a starry night
When my heart called out to you,
I sent a message across the skies
Then prayed that it got thru.

For I found myself all alone
Here upon my empty bed,
With visions dancing all around
Right here inside my head.

I saw us lying naked
Our two bodies pressed as one,
I wanted your spirit here with me
To share in all the fun.

We kissed and cuddled right here
Beneath my silken sheets,
And I heard the resounding echo
Of how fast our two hearts beat.

We touched and played
Kissing madly all the while,
I hope that you can see this
Across those empty miles.

For you played with nipples perky
And kissed me between my thighs.
You savored the very taste of me
And relished in my sighs.

And in return I loved you
Hotly with my lips,
You barely could control yourself
As you surged upward with your hips.

And then before this night was thru
You slid deep within my form,
You cried out into the night
For I was so wet and warm.

Together we rode the stars
Here upon my bed,
We climaxed as the moon went high
Like shooting stars inside my head.

We pressed our lips together
And moaned deep into our kiss,
For never had we shared a dream
As wonderful as this.

So when you hear my heart calling
I hope you'll come to me,
So we can share a night like this
Where we make love wildly.

by Kristi Day

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