I Dream'T Of An Angel

I dream't of an Angel
She was sitting in a tree
she just smiled at me
but i could hear her voice through the smile
She whispered through the sound of the breeze
she was unhappy
she had tried to be who she is
but she was not accepted
not accepted by the ones she held most dear
she has to hide
in order to have peace in her life
but hiding fom our loved ones is hiding from ourselves
she needed strength
i held out my hand
she touched just the tips of my fingers
she was afraid she would fall from the tree
I told her she would be safe
I would not let go
she held on to my hands with such tenderness
I, myself was afraid
I was afaraid i would not have the strength to hold her
I finally had her safe on the ground
she smiled again
I explained that i always came here
A place for me to be myself too
I invited her to join me whenever she felt this way again
She just nodded
she left
walking through the field of overgrown grass and lillies
I stood and watched my Angel dissappear
Will i ever speak or see her again?

by Diane Bohen

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