I Dreamt Of You And I

I drifted away today
Thinking of you and I
Wondering if I chose the right path.
Holding my tongue, keeping my feelings buried deep.
I long for your touch.
I dreamt of you and I today
Your soul touching mine.
Your eyes seeing deep in my heart.
I long for your touch.
Your hands carressing my body.
Your smell I can not forget.
I need you to hold me.
I dreamt of you and I
In a place, where our feelings were free
Not hidden or a secret.
Where our souls could connect,
Once again.
A place where our laughter was heard.
Your soft lips I miss
I want to feel them again.
On my body, my lips.
I want to scream your name
And not be scared.
I want to feel you in the moment.
In this place you are mine.
In my heart you will always stay.
In my mind you will be.
I dreamt of you and I today
I dreamt I was with you!

by Abigal Pelletier

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