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I Drink
PB (15/05/51 / Carlton Vic)

I Drink

It’s one for the end of the day
Two for the fact I had one
Three for the sake of enjoying one and two
Four for the relaxed state
I am now in
Five for the bravado I’m in charge of my life
Six and I’ll just stick it up the wife
And forget I have kids
Seven because no one tells me what to do
Eight and I’m ready to blue come home when I’m ready
Nine and I will solve the world’s problems
Let’s debate the world
Ten I’ve made it I’m finally out of control
Car keys in my pocket
Ready to Rock and roll
Eleven take my mates to the local dance club
Not caring for their safety
Them not caring for mine
Twelve ring the wife and lie
The car has broken down my dear
Be home as soon as I can
Thirteen meet the girl of my dreams
I’m a single man again
Fourteen and I’ve forgotten
The beautiful family I am in

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