I Drove

No back seat rider.
Cruising to view a life...
And selecting scenes,
Preferred and/or liked.
I drove.
Even though a few accidents,
Caused me to pay more attention.
Although that was meant.
I ran out of gas.
And stumbled when I pushed to fast.
But I finally found my path identified.
I felt at home!
I knew I had arrived.
I'm glad I took it upon myself...
To learn to drive.
Although my preference is to walk.
Touch and enjoy life.
If I had cruised through it...
I would not have known,
How much of it I would have missed.
I drove with hope.
And faith kept me blessed,
To see my life from the driver's seat.
I drove over hills and through darkened valleys.
And there awakened to touch the sky at sunrise.
I drove at midnight.
And the stars would keep my dreams alive.
As obstacles kept my drive alive through thunder.
I drove...
Until I knew and felt the Sun,
Would come to chase rain clouds of storms away!
Although my preference is to walk.
And I do.
If I choose...

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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A nice drive! I recollect my 'In fanciful imagination' in the PH. Thanks for sharing, Lawrence!