I Dwell In Possibility


I dwell in Possibility—
A fairer House than Prose—
More numerous of Windows—
Superior—for Doors—

Of Chambers as the Cedars—
Impregnable of Eye—
And for an Everlasting Roof
The Gambrels of the Sky—

Of Visitors—the fairest—
For Occupation—This—
The spreading wide of narrow Hands
To gather Paradise—

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (14)

Wow! Wow! What a fine poetry!
............love this, especially the opening line ★
Outstanding poem..........truly inspiring.......
I dwell in possibility; My occupation is this. The spreading of my narrow hands to gather paradise. I love this poem. The possibilities of life are endless, no matter the size of my hand, my abilities, or my gifts. God's grace enables me to gather paradise. Wow!
Emily beautifully describes the essential human desire to build paradise on earth, and I think she would be quite disappointed to witness what we've got. Superb choice, thank you!
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