JB (Aug.26,1989 / Huntington, NY)

(i.E. A Sudden, Stark Outburst)

(composed while flying out of Berlin)

dim street colors
like brown barley rooftops
coat the sky;
at night the churning breath
of airplane engines
clogs, chokes, constricts.

a wet, whistling cry,
like the denouement
of an old age;
at night we fly right by
the city's picture show:
women. like rags.

dim street colors
clog my eyes
(or are those tears?):
the old age has passed
away, like old age to death.

O tell, will it ever return, resurrect?

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definately a new and favorite favorite of mine. it's perfectly refined, perfectly moving and perfectly perfect. The only thing that takes away from the nostalgic mood of this poem is your pen name. I needs to be more respectable. I mean you use the word 'denouement' in you poem...get something more french sounding please! ! keep it up! ! -landrey