A Letter To The Wealthy

Hope this letter finds you seated
In your cosy little world
Where mere mortals are forbidden
And life is a pleasant dream

Do you ever feel guilty?
Of your secret stash of money
Piled away in offshore accounts
Or you extravagant lifestyle
Private islands and swathes of land
With no trespass signs

Do you still have a human conscious?
Embedded within your souls
Or you have evolved a robotic one
Devoid of human emotion
The roots of mankind

Why are you amassing so much?
One house is good enough
But you are happy to own hundreds
Money, the root of all-evil
Is found in abundance in your homes

I have heard that you do Philanthropic works
Donating millions to charity
To soothe your dead conscious
But do you know that
The resources on earth
Are abundant for us all
If only, us mortals
Can share them
They will be no poverty
Diseases will be minimized
And more productive souls will live longer

by Kenneth Maswabi

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