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I Envy Those Who Can Sleep In Public Places - On Buses, On Planes, On Benches Etc.

Anxiety booked the seat next to me in Economy Class
And his behavior started up every time I closed my eyes
Jabbering in my ear, poking my side
All the while I'm shifting my weight
To sit straight up is not to be in the position of slumber
From place to place, the conscious and unconscious team up and force us to experience every moment

They'll stab you in your completeness without batting an eye
And thoughts will be staged from then on in a junkyard
A place of waste where no quantity of contemplation can be salvaged
With each strung together incident, shutting down the system becomes such a complicated task

I cannot sleep in public places
Unlike those that doze off and snore the moment they hit their seats
In transit is to feel a sense of alarm
I won't rest until I reach my destination
The route that takes me there is filled with danger

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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I think some of us have felt this. At first it seems like the nuisance of the other passengers is somewhat imagined and has to do with a weird jealousy that he fears and knows he won't get to fall asleep like them.