I (Eye)

Poem By J.B. Baronda

I'm no wanna-be,
I'm just a man trying to express what is in me.
These compositions of poetry,
Are merely nothing, but all that I did see.
Attention? Is that what I truly desire?
Or is this a passage from my self-built empire?
I'm a person using words which aren't mine,
but with these letters I know my story would be stuck in time.

I was born with the pity and with the dream that I cannot be,
Without any treasures I wasn't sad because I know I still got me.
These things we see and experience in our daily lives,
Are like the lyrics of songs we idolize.
Sweetly amusing though heart-breaking,
Life is so bizarre and exaggeratedly amazing!
Some people use drugs to experience it's sweetness,
But little they know, they are the fools whom lost their awareness.

One may not achieve glory nor victory,
But always remember my friend that you, yourself is your own treasury.
Life could be hard as it seems,
Things might have not work out like in our dreams.
Every soul is precious, though in our naked eyes,
That each day is tormenting in our meaningless lives.
Life is restless and full of difficulties,
But you, by yourself know what is your skills and capabilities.

Another composition of what do I feel today,
It might inspire somebody or result dismay.
A soul for this composition and addition to my compilation,
Now I question myself, Poetry.Is it a composition of expression?
Or an other realm of dimension made by our imagination?
Perhaps I someday, may be able to answer that question.
Wisdom and brilliance could be a key to guidance,
But sometimes, they are the demons of fear and disturbance.

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