I F O U N D T H E K E Y!

I found the KEY...of human flesh
bro - come what may I AM here to stay,
Young and old still starve in old Marakesh
their hair turning gray, and I LIVE yet another day.

I found the KEY...of love & emotion
dude - you must be kiddin', right?
What rubs on me is a woman's soft lotion
as her arms hold me ever-so-tight.

I found the KEY...of faith and hope
why would i turn a deaf ear?
Because I am climbing this tricky old rope
means I'm getting closer from year to year.

I found the KEY...to life's memory
make it every day, from dusk 'til dawn:
“Yes, there's more! I'm part of history! '
My shiny star in the sky - that I ride upon.

I found the KEY...nightmares do NOT linger
as now I slowly FOLD in my middle finger:
For we are NOT birds in a gilded cage
now we shout OUR tunes of freedom...
and shake our fists in HUMAN rage!

(Woodland Hills, California, U.S.A. - April 13,2011)

by Tommy Szamosi

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