I Fall Into Your Smile

i was hooked by the first time
i saw you waving at the line
you were smiling at me
so, i did too.
i was cold when i realized you are at my side
the feeling was unusual
and when you speak
i stammered as if im sick
i wondered why i felt that way
i pretend easy infront of you
coz im afraid you notice it
when we said goodbye
i fell into a deep thinking
there is a strange feeling within me
i dont know, but i miss your smile
when i lay on bed at night
i wish you to kiss goodnight
i used to sleep but your smile made me restless
that drives me through this uneasiness
will you just be in my dream tonight
smile at me and hug me tight
when morning comes. i am refresh
and silly, you're i miss
i now know what is happening to me
but i am not sure if you feel the same way
i am quiet inlove with you
yes, its love i found in you
but i will just keep it
i'll wait for the right time, , , , when do we meet?

by carla joy cuala

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another sweet expression! .........10+