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I Fancy You
( / Germany)

I Fancy You

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

I fancy you
I fancy you
And that for sure
I know is true

When I see you on the field
I am mesmerised
by your physical build
When you call my name
with your soft voice
My heart flutters
and I wonder
if you feel the same

I send this to you in an email
If my declaration for you fails
I promise I will not wail
But please dont go round the team
making jest of this tale

I would love
to take you out and about
But I have to state this with a whisper
rather than shout
I dont get paid
Till the end of the month, I'm afraid
So will you wait
to have a bite off this lovely plate

I love to talk
I love to rock
I love to stand out by the sea dock
So do we stand a chance by any luck

I fancy you
I fancy you
But I am too shy
To say it to you
I am also scared
to find out more
about you
Scared of the thruth

|Because you may
not feel the same way
Or you may not even be free
to possibly see

But if by chance
the thruth is simple
And the feeling is mutual
and there is possibility of romance
this very instance
Then I would like
the opportunity to know you

We could start with a meal
and see how we feel
or play each and every single way
one to one aside football
since we are both very tall
I do not think
we will fall astray

I smell a romantic windfall
I could discipline your pink hot lips
with my sweet feverish kisses
That I will definitely try
almost immediately to install

I could hold your hand
While I try to understand
Every inch of you
Every strand

So if you feel the same way
Then very humbly I say to you
Why not give me your number so that I can call

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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Comments (3)

This is a cute poem!
well a mushy....and nice piece of poem.
Please call me dave :) :) :) have FUN this is a good one xxxx