I Fear Being Born Into The Now (No Religious Context Pray Here Me Now)

In all my years
I so have
been alive
it matters not
it is I have
been through
the changes

That all have so seen
a soul so lost in
the pendulum
swinging to and fro
from such as this

How can our
children so grow
pain from the
parents tite lips
none should know
cycle of of hard ship

So from some have so grown
cast them out out the pain
that they know

If such said done
then how can they
grow skeleton closets
the south no more

My child the key
to a future you know
it is so

Birth control so saith
to me if I am forsaken
then where is the key
do you know once born
no choice

Do you have best life
forsaken not in your
heart will you see

If not he v she meaningless
unto thee.

by Uloia Norris Moore

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