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I Feel A Stranger

I feel a stranger amongst the indifferent and many seem to look on me as strange
I long to live where nobody might know me I have in me this great desire for change
To live in some quiet place near Mother Nature by a wild wood near where a river flow
On it's long journey to the distant ocean through woods and fields and by many a hedgerow.

I feel that to myself I am a stranger I am not the person that I used to know
The boy who loved the strange voice of the corncrake in distant meadows many Summers ago
The joy of life and youth was in my young heart today is warm but my feelings are cold
Perhaps the feelings I project on others is part of ageing I am growing old

Teenagers in the park are playing football their laughter ringing in the morning air
The joy of youth and life is in their young hearts they seem so happy and so free of care
The blood of youth through their young hearts is pumping they jostle as they chase the sherrin up and down
There was a time I too knew such enjoyment when I was younger in a distant Town.

I feel a stranger amongst the indifferent and I'm a stranger to myself to me 'twould seem
I long to live in some-place from here different in a rustic cottage by a babbling stream
A place surrounded by Nature's green beauty from the nearest Town or highway miles away
The joy I felt in life no longer with me but we cannot go back to yesterday.

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