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I Feel Better
(January 29,1985 / Kuala Lumpur)

I Feel Better

Approachable (not crossing arms)
Will not yell at papa
Will not make mama cry
Prettier, readable handwriting (essential)
Gentle to trees (and mirrors - must not smash objects) .

No longer carries a comb
No longer obsessed with acceptance
No torturing soul or trying anything desperate (including wishing for invisibility)
Will not break down in public.

Cutting down on Starbucks (imperatively in need of a cheaper cure)
Sleeping better (no more shedding tears in the middle of the night)
Will not tolerate agonies
No longer an apeirophobic.

Appreciate telephone calls (converse politely – no swearing no more)
Tender (effortlessly)
Shower (at least 2 times a day, also on Monday mornings)
Be seen alone (without hiding in the toilet)
Surviving without pills
Eating right (less crisps, more veggies) .

Wear colors (try neons)
Still enjoys rock concerts
Still sings off-key
Make peace with animals (no squeezing ants or hurling kittens)
Smile occasionally (even if it hurts)
Laugh at bad jokes.

New hobbies (does not include thinking hard till it hurts)
Mingle with boys (no name-callings, please)
Sober and calm (behaving like an adult)
Learning to love (maybe not in love)
Living instead of existing.

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Anies, The specifics you enumerate...I think this verges on what's been called a 'catalogue poem', enumerating many exmples... are often very interesting, playful, and/or disarmingly simple. Also insightful, and they say a lot about your attitudes, and Society's attitudes, toward life, as well as about 'external fixes' (which can indeed be necessary) and the internal life, which may or may not be amenable to being approached via these 'fixes'. I enjoyed reading them.