MA (March 27,1951 / India)

I Feel Blessed

So many people have touched my life,
With their wisdom and kindness
I recollect in hindsight
With fondness.

My father, who taught me
When the chips are down
Count your blessings,
And don’t lose your perspective.

My mother who suffered a great deal,
And had nerves of steel
Taught me to face every calamity
With forbearance and dignity.

My teachers who showed me my strengths
When I had doubts about myself.
My sister all of twenty,
While taking her last breath
Told my parents not to mourn her death.
Even in that moment
She was not thinking of herself.

My doctor who nursed me during my illness,
Taught me to have faith
In the healing power
Of the body to regenerate.

From my husband, I learnt
To be passionate
About everything you undertake
My children, in whom I saw my own reflection
Taught me humility and compassion.

Anika, my grand daughter
Helped me rediscover
What is fun and laughter?
A dear friend who was on dialysis
Made me see that the mind can work miracles
but too much thinking can lead to paralysis.

Pushkar whom I met at Blind Relief Association
Showed me what is surrender and resignation.
My guide who gave me practical tips
On the art of living.

The list is endless
And I really feel blessed
And grateful that I am what I am
Because of all of them.

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Comments (3)

And indeed you are blessed. To touch souls with friends and family is a great privilege. This lovely poem could only have been written by a great human being. Ten from me. Love, SandraX
And your humility Admitted those blessings Made you stand out from the crown Brought out a poet, loved by all. Nice poem. Thank you.
you have the greatest gift in life which many do not possess...being grateful to people whether they have done anything for you or not, you are very compassionate and therefore shower your love even to unknown...I salute your sis for she was so attitude is worth appreciating..I feel blessed to have you read....all my regards to you.