I Feel Fantastic

I feel fantastic!
How long will that last?
That I don't.
But I wont spend time,
To question or ask!
Or figure that out...
As you 'scout' about!

So don't waste yours,
Wondering in comparison.
There is nothing to compare.
Just remember this:

Stop before you start.
There will be no broken heart left here.
For you to drop...
To name as another victim tamed.
Or claimed you have trained,
To produce your wishes.

I said I feel fantastic.
Not stupid.
I didn't get to feel this way...
Without recognizing past mistakes.
To allow shallow flattery,
Consume a nonexistent ego!

Do you believe I am blind?
I have long left that kind of stupidness,
Far behind.
And that took some time...
To 'see' in my mind,
The teases you present.
Does not sit with me here,
In anticipation!

The only thing I'm giving up to you,
Is much gratitude!
I have found the strength...
To keep temptation you represent,
At a distance!

You have no idea,
How fantastic it is,
To know and hear...
That admitted.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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